Sharing the Gift of Music

Vivace Music School was created to be a place where anyone, regardless of age, experience, or style could come to receive the gift of music. Although the tremendous dedication, focus, and determination that it takes to be a virtuoso musician is appreciated, it’s understandable that most music lovers do not necessarily aspire for this goal; as everyone takes their own musical path.

At Vivace Music School, we believe in the power of music as not only a creative outlet, but as a way to enrich lives and inspire souls. We sincerely enjoy teaching as it is an unwavering source of passion in our own lives. With our instructor’s many years of music and theory training, performance experience, and deep commitment to quality and professionalism, Vivace Music School is the premiere choice for musical instruction in the greater Los Angeles area.

Tuned to Your Personality (Specialty/Expertise working with highly gifted, non-traditional students)

Just as there are 88 keys on a piano that can be played in an unlimited combination of melodies, students come in a wide variety of personalities and musical preferences. The diversity of students is embraced and customized lesson plans are designed for a challenging pace that’s suited to your unique personality, learning-style, and goals. We have established programs that are creative and unique, giving each student a learning experience that is fun, goal-oriented, confidence-inspiring and more rewarding than most. We have gone the extra mile to create an environment where you can truly shine and master your instrument with polish and poise.


“I’ve spent a great deal of my life sharing my unending passion and joy for music through teaching and performing. After seeing music change people’s lives, I opened Vivace Music School to give myself and other dedicated music instructors an opportunity to bring that gift to as many people as possible.

I come from a family of musicians and educators and have an arsenal of pedagogical techniques and educational materials at my disposal. Great care is taken when helping all musicians meet their musical challenges without becoming overwhelmed or frustrated. I firmly believe students should be engaged and be active participants in the learning process instead of passive recipients. The approach while imparting musical knowledge is always very positive, encouraging, patient, and non-intimidating.

I have always been personally invested in each student’s progress and development, and well versed in how to present concepts in a manageable fashion. My goal is not only to help students discover their potential and excel in their musical ability, but to foster a lifelong love of learning and an appreciation for music.” – Erandi Tillakaratne